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1. Acknowledgements

The author wishes to acknowledge the assistance and support offered by the following people and organisations: Ms Sisilia Talagi, Director Niue Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries for her logistic assistance in arranging transport, facilities and staff for the project fieldwork; Hideyuki Tanaka, Project Manager, South Pacific Aquaculture Development Project-Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (Funding agency) for his general support and 'flexibility' of report deadlines; Warwick Foran, Forestries Officer, DAFF, for kindly providing me with access to revised vegetation maps of Niue, for the use (and unfortunately abuse) of his brand new 4WD vehicle, and finally for the meals with his family; Dr Craig Johnson for access to the Autocad software used in calculating land areas; Amanda Satterly for constantly reminding me that this report was a 'bit late'. Special thanks go to Colin Etuata who carried out the majority of field-work for the project- an enormous task. His friendliness and support during my visits to the island were much appreciated and his dedication in collecting field data unsurpassed.

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