Reports Submitted to the Regional Expert Consultation on Eucalyptus - Volume II

4-8 OCTOBER 1993


FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (RAP)
Bangkok, Thailand
December 1996

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Cover photo:

Eucalyptus grandis and E. microcorys growing in a plantation in Sri Lanka

Note: This photo is the upper part of the photo used in Volume I. When these two photos are put together, a whole picture of the tree can be seen.

Photo credit:

M. Kashio

Edited by:

M. Kashio K. White

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Table of Contents

Introductory Remarks

Status, Aspects and Environmental Considerations of Eucalyptus Planting in Bangladesh - Mohammad Ali

Proshika Manobik Unnayan Kendra (Bangladesh) - Qazi Khaze Alam

Eucalyptus Plantations in China - Bai Jiayu and Gan Siming

Research Achievements of the Dongmen Eucalyptus Demonstration Project, Guangxi State Forest Farm Company Guangxi, China - Wei Ju

Eucalyptus in India - R.M. Palanna

Eucalypt Plantations and Social and Economic Aspects in India - S. R. Hiremath & P.G. Dandavatimath

The Great Eucalyptus Debate: What is It Really All About - John B. Raintree

Research Experiences on Eucalyptus in Indonesia - Irfan Budi Pramono and Ag. Pudjiharta

Eucalyptus in Lao PDR - Bounphom Mounda

Eucalyptus and Rural Development in Lao PDR - An NGO Perspective - Khankeo Oupravanh (CIDSE) and Charlie Pahlman (CUSO), Lao [supplemented by the report of the Japan International Volunteer Center (JVC), Lao]

A Case of Eucalyptus Plantation by Lao State Fuel Company - Kaoli Phannoulit

Eucalyptus Plantations: The Malaysian Experience - Sulaiman B. Salleh

Planting of Eucalyptus in Myanmar - Ohn Lwin

Eucalyptus Plantations in Nepal - S.N. Khanal

Experience with Eucalypt Plantations: Their Environmental Social, Economic Aspects and Policy Issues in the Butwal Plywood Factory (BPF) Forestry Program - Nepal - Pran Jeevan Nidhi

Eucalyptus in Pakistan - Tanvir Ahmad

Eucalypts in Papua New Guinea - P.B.L. Srivastava

Regeneration of Tropical Rain Forest on New Britain Island, Papua New Guinea - Seiji Mori

Current Status of Eucalyptus Plantations in The Northwestern Philippines - Stanley C. Malab

Eucalyptus Plantations in Sri Lanka: Environmental, Social, Economic and Policy Issues - H.M. Bandaratillake

Eucalyptus Plantations in Thailand - Reungchai Pousajja

Eucalyptus Camaldulensis Plantations of The Forest Industries Organisation Thailand - S. Sangkul & S. Niyomdham

Eucalyptus Planting and Community Development in North East Thailand - Mikio Masaki

Why Eucalyptus is Not Adopted for Agroforestry - Komain Sungsumarn

The Role of Eucalyptus - Current Problems in Thailand - Suthenun Pruchapruth

Eucalypt Woodchip Processing in Thailand - Siam Tree Development Co. Ltd.

Eucalyptus Plantations in Vietnam: Their History and Development Process - Tran Xuan Thiep