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Selected WHO publications of related interest

Obesity: preventing and managing the global epidemic.
Report of a WHO Consultation.
WHO Technical Report Series. No. 894. 2000 (xii + 253 pages)

Physical status: the use and interpretation of anthropometry.
Report of a WHO Expert Committee.
WHO Technical Report Series. No. 854. 1995 (x + 452 pages)

Diet, nutrition, and the prevention of chronic diseases.
Report of a WHO Study Group.
WHO Technical Report Series. No. 797. 1990 (203 pages)

Preparation and use of food-based dietary guidelines.
Report of a Joint FAO WHO Consultation.
WHO Technical Report Series. No. 880. 1998 (vi + 108 pages)

The world health report 2002: reducing risks, promoting healthy life.
2002 (xx + 248 pages)

Trace elements in human nutrition and health.
1996 (xviii + 343 pages + 3 colour plates)

Keep fit for life: meeting the nutritional needs of older persons.
2002 (viii + 119 pages)

The health of young people: a challenge and a promise.
1993 (x + 109 pages)

Further information on these and other WHO publications can be obtained from Marketing and Dissemination. World Health Organization, 1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland

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