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95. The Working Party on Stock Enhancement was established following a recommendation made at the twelfth session of EIFAC (see paragraph 20 of the report of the twelfth session). A meeting was held in Hamburg in May 1983, under the Chairmanship of Prof. K. Tiews (Federal Republic of Germany). Both ICES and the AFS Exotic Fish Section were represented.

96. A detailed report of this meeting was presented to the Commission, including a Code of Practice for the regulation of the introduction of exotic species, suggested procedures for its implementation and a review of the present status of stocking practices.

97. The Commission recommended that the proposed Code of Practice be forwarded to Member States for their consideration and possible application.

98. It was also recommended that two new Working Parties be established:

  1. A standing Working Party on Introductions, composed of national representatives, to implement the Code of Practice according to the suggested procedures and to elaborate such protocols as are deemed necessary for its implementation. Prof. K. Tiews (Federal Republic of Germany) was nominated as its Convenor.

  2. A Working Party on Stocking, to review European policies and practices for stocking inland waters, to encourage cooperation on the research and monitoring of stocking practices, and to establish guidelines for stocking of selected fish species. Mr M. Grimm (The Netherlands) was nominated as its Convenor.

99. It was agreed that the report of the Working Party on Stock Enhancement which has now terminated its activities be published as an EIFAC Technical Paper.

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