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Appendix 4

a. Hlawga fish pond

1.Locality-Hlawga fish farm  
2.Pond area-0.3 acre (0.12 ha) - S1 pond  
3.Pond soil-pH is moderately acidic. Soil is medium in total N, but low in available N and P2O5 and organic carbon.
4.Date of stocking-12 April 1969   
5.Stocking rate-5 417/ha  
6.Harvesting Gross production of fish in 9 months 711.1 kg
 Total weight of yearlings introduced 186.4 kg
 Net production of fish in 9 months 524.7 kg
 Net production per hectare in 9 months 4 372.5 kg
7.Expenditurea)Capital investment per year (cost of land and pond construction to be realized in 6 yearsK250.001
b)Cost of yearlings 186.4 kg at 2/kgK380.00
c)Cost of feeding  
i)Rice cakeK122.00
ii)Oil cakeK358.00
d)Fertilization cost  
e)Wages for 1 man for 9 months 2K738.00
f)Cost for filling water and drainingK30.00
g)Water taxK10.00
h)Miscellaneous expensesK17.00
 TotalK2 000.00
8.Returns Sale proceeds of 648.7 kg of fish at K 3.75/kgK2 432.00
 Sale proceeds of 39.5 kg of tilapia at K 1.75/kgK69.10
 Sale proceeds of 22.9 kg of common carp at K 1.00/kgK22.90
 TotalK2 524.00
 Less - total cost of productionK2 000.00
 Estimated net return in 9 monthsK524.00
 Estimated net return/ha/annumK5 822.00

1 K = Kyat (unit of currency in Burma). K 1 = 21 U.S.¢. U.S.$1 = 4.762 K.
2 1 man can manage at least 2 acres of farm ponds. Therefore this expense is rather high for a small pond.

b. Private fish pond

1.Locality-Sawbwagyigon (Mingaladon), 19 km from Rangoon
2.Pond area-0.2 ha
3.Data on pond soila)pH - 6.8 very slightly acidic (near neutral)  
b)Hygroscopic moisture - 3.605%  
c)Soil texture - > 0-.05 mm 8.6%  
                    0.05–.002 mm 48.6%
                    < 0.002 mm 43.4% 
 Soil is silty clay in texture  
d)Organic carbon - 0.634% (low)  
e)Humus - 1.105%  
f)Total N - 0.144% (high)  
g)Available N 3.85% (low)  
h)Available P2O5 - 3.1% (medium)  
4.Water pH-7.6 – 7.8
5.Stocking rate-10 570/ha
6.Date of stocking-1 September 1969
7.Harvesting Production in 13 months 2 261.6 kg
 Weight of fish which died during study 13.3 kg
   2 274.9 kg
 Weight of fingerlings introduced 3.2 kg
 Total production in 13 months (considering 10% mortality in addition to mortality observed) 2 271.7 kg
 Production per hectare in 13 months 11 358.5 kg
 Production per hectare in 1 year 10 390.0 kg
 In addition 40 viss or 64 kg of shrimps harvested.
8.Economics of fish production in the private pond  
I) Expenditurea)Cost of land at K 1 500.00 per acreK750.00
b)Cost of pond constructionK1 200.00
 The capital investment to be realized in 5 yearsK1 950.00
c)Investment per yearK390.00
d)Total cost calculated on feeding  
i)Rice branK205.00
ii)Oil cakeK596.00
e)Total cost of pond fertilization  
i)Poultry manureK50.00
f)Wages for 1 man for 13 months at K 82/month 1K1 066.00
g)Cost of fingerlingsK240.00
h)Miscellaneous recurring expenses including pumping water and final harvesting and marketingK245.00
 Total expenditure in 13 monthsK2 000.00
II) Returns Sale proceeds of 2 271 kg or 1 420 viss at K 5.50/vissK7 810.00
 Cost of 40 viss of prawn at K 1/vissK40.00
 Total incomeK7 850.00
 Total expenditureK2 000.00
 Net profitK5 850.00
 Estimated net return in 1 year for ½ acre of pondK5 400.00
 Cost of production is K 1.43/viss or 18.5 ¢/kg

1 1 man looks after the vegetable garden, pigsty and poultry in addition to the farm pond.

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