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Fig.1-Schematic map of Burma showing places of main fishcultural activities

Figure 1

Figure 1

Explanation of Figure 1:

■      Cities and Towns

  1. Rangoon
  2. Pegu
  3. Toungoo
  4. Pyinmana
  5. Meiktila
  6. Mandalay
  7. Sagain
  8. Shwebo
  9. Prome
  10. Myitkyina
  11. Nyaungshwe

     Fish Culture Station and Fish Farm

  1. Hlwaga
  2. Phalan
  3. Twante
  4. Tartapaw
  5. Yandoon
  6. Prome
  7. Pyinmana
  8. Nyaungshwe
  9. Shwebo
  10. Thayetkon
  11. Pegu

▲      Carp spawn, fry and fingerling collection centres

  1. Yandoon
  2. Pantanaw
  3. Henzada
  4. Tharrawaw
  5. Shwedaung
  6. Mandalay
  7. Sagaing
  8. Ava
  9. Shwegin
  10. Kyaukmyang

     River dams

  1. Mobye dam
  2. Dam on Mu river


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