FC 105/INF/1

Finance Committee

Hundred and fifth Session

Rome, 6 - 7 October 2003

Provisional Timetable

Lebanon Room (Room D-209)


6 October

09.30 hrs

Item 1
Adoption of Provisional Agenda and Timetable
(docs. FC 105/1 and FC 105/INF/1)
Item 2
Strategic Plan (2004-2007) (doc. WFP/EB.3/2003/4-A/1)
                    for approval
Item 3
WFP Biennial Management Plan (2004-2005)
(doc. WFP/EB.3/2003/5-A/1)
                    for approval
14.30 hrs Item 4
Report of the External Auditor on the Review of the WFP’s Human Resources Strategy
(doc. WFP/EB.3/2003/5-B/1)
                    for consideration
Item 5
Progress Report on the Implementation of the Recommendations in the Audit Report of the External Auditor (2000-2001) (doc. WFP/EB.3/2003/5-C/1)
                    for information
Item 6
Best Practices in Oversight Mechanisms
(doc. WFP/EB.3/2003/5-D/1)
                    for consideration

Item 7
Date and Place of the Hundred-and-sixth Session

Item 8
Any Other Matters
7 October

14.30 hrs

Adoption of the Report of the Finance Committee