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Cote d'Ivoire

Vegetation description

Mangroves are very limited in area; their main tree species are Rhizophora racemosa, Avicennia africana and Acrostichum aureum.

FAO, UNEP. 1981. Tropical forest resources assessment project. Forest resources of tropical Africa. Part II: Country briefs. Rome. 586 pp.

National level mangrove area estimates







110 000

FAO, UNEP. 1981. Tropical Forest Resources Assessment Project, Forest Resources of Tropical Africa. Part II: Country Briefs FAO, UNEP 586pp.


The figure represents the extent of coastal forests. The mangrove extent is not specified


64 400

Spalding, M.D., Blasco, F. and Field, C.D. eds. 1997. World Mangrove Atlas. The International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems, Okinawa, Japan. 178 pp.


Map analysis. 1:1 000 000.


15 000

Saenger, P. and Bellan, M.F. 1995. The Mangrove vegetation of the Atlantic coast of Africa. Universitè de Toulouse Press, Toulouse 96 pp


Secondary reference, no primary source provided. The "Year" is the publication year.

Trends in mangrove area extent over time

The estimate for 2000 has been calculated applying the FRA 2000 (FAO, 2001) annual forest cover change rate for 1990-2000 (-3.1 percent) to the most recent, reliable figure.

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