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United Arab Emirates

Vegetation description

Even though mangrove forests are one of the important vegetation types in the United Arab Emirates, the sole species that is now found is Avicennia marina. It occurs on muddy flats or fine texture soils along sheltered localities of the coastline and on some islands.

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National level mangrove area estimates







2 930

FAO. 1978. The Mangroves and related coastal fishery resources in the United Arab Emirates. By Rabanal, H.R., Beuschel, G.K Consultant report UAE/78/002. FAO, Rome. 103 pp.


Ground survey.


4 000

Saenger, P., Blasco, F., Youssef, A. and R. Loughland. in press. The coastal atlas: mangroves of the UAE with particular emphasis on those of the Abu-Dhabi Emirate.


Aerial photography

Trends in mangrove area extent over time

The estimates for 1980, 1990 and 2000 are based on regression analysis and expert estimate.

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