Latin American Forestry Sector Outlook Study Working Paper

Socio-economic trends and outlook in Latin America:
Implications for the forestry sector to 2020

Prepared by: Sandra J. Velarde

Under the supervision and co-ordination of
Adrian Whiteman
and the collaboration of
Sandra InÚs Rivero and Shayma Saadat

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Executive summary

1 Introduction

2 Population

3 Economic Development

4 Trade

5 Aid and Investment

6 Land Issues

7 Governments and Institutions

8 Conclusions: Implications for Forestry

9 List of References

Appendix 1 - Population statistics in Latin America

Appendix 2 - GDP in Latin America, 1970-2020

Appendix 3 - Population growth and per capita incomes in Latin America

Appendix 4 - GDP per capita

Appendix 5 - Urbanization levels in Latin America 1970, 2000 and projection to 2020

Appendix 6 - Economic structure of Latin American in 2000 (% of GDP)

Appendix 7 - Regional Tariff Preferences in LAIA (in %)

Appendix 8 - Net FDI flow and stock in Latin America

Appendix 9 - Land use in Latin America, 1970, 1990, 2000 and projections to 2020

Appendix 10 - Tariff structure for forest products and capital goods related to forestry in selected Latin America countries

Appendix 11 - FDI flows and stock in Latin America, 2000 and 2001