FC 108/INF/1-Rev.1

Finance Committee

Hundred and eighth Session

Rome, 27 September – 1 October 2004

Provisional Timetable

Lebanon Room (Room D-209)


27 September
09.30 hrs Item 1
Adoption of Provisional Agenda and Timetable
(docs. FC 108/1; FC 108/1 Add.1 and FC 108/INF/1)
Item 2
Financial Highlights and Status of Current Assessments and Arrears (doc. FC 108/2)
Item 3
AFF Abolished Posts and Effect on Internal Controls
(doc. FC 108/3)
Item 4
Analysis of Contributions Received and Proposals for Improvement (doc. FC 108/4)
Item 5
Incentive Scheme to Encourage Prompt Payment of Contributions – Determination of Discount Rate
(doc. FC 108/5)
14.30 hrs Item 6(i)
- Audited Accounts FAO 2002-2003
(docs. C 2005/5 A and C 2005/5 B)
Item 6(ii)
FAO Credit Union 2003 (doc. FC 108/6(ii))
Item 6(iii)
FAO Commissary 2003 (doc. FC 108/6(iii))
Item 11a(i)
Staff Costs and Liabilities
a) Staff-Related Liabilities – Liabilities for After Service Medical Costs (doc. FC 104/10 - re-issued)
Item 11a(ii)
Staff Costs and Liabilities
Summary History on Staff-Related Liabilities (doc. FC 108/11a(ii)
28 September
09.30 hrs Item 7
Report on Support Costs Expenditure and Recoveries (doc. FC 108/7)
Item 8
Appointment of the Auditor General of a Member Nation as External Auditor (Financial Regulation 12.1)
(doc. FC 108/8)
Item 9
Utilization of the Special Fund for Emergency and Rehabilitation Activities (doc. FC 108/9)
Item 10
FAO Audit Committee (Internal) Annual Report to the Director-General for 2003 (doc. FC 108/10)
Item 18
Independent Evaluation of FAO’s Decentralization
(doc. PC 92/6a - FC 108/18)
Item 26d)
Report of the Joint Inspection Unit (doc. CL 127/INF/16)
Item 26e)
Programme of Work of the Joint Inspection Unit for 2004 (doc. CL 127/INF/17)
14.30 hrs Item 12
Programme Implementation Report 2002-2003
(doc. C 2005/8)
Item 13
Medium Term Plan 2006-2011 (doc. CL 127/7)
Item 14
Progress Report on Efficiency Savings (doc. FC 108/14)



29 September
10.00 hrs Item 1
Adoption of the Agenda (doc. JM 04.2/1)
Item 2
Medium Term Plan 2006-2011 (CL 127/7)
Item 3
Savings and Efficiencies in Governance: Proposed Reform of the General Debate at Conference (doc. JM 04.2/3)
Item 4
Any Other Business



30 September
09.30 hrs Item 21 (WFP)
Report of the External Auditor on Management Matters
(doc. FC 108/21)
Item 22 (WFP)
Follow-up on the Recommendations of the External Auditor (doc. FC 108/22)
Item 23 (WFP)
Business Process Review: Second Pilot Update
(doc. FC 108/23)
Item 26a)
Update on the WFP Management Plan for 2004-05
(doc. FC 108/26a))
14.30 hrs Item 11b)
Staff Costs and Liabilities
b) Cost Analysis of Staff Remuneration and Benefits (doc. FC 108/11b))
Item 15
Progress Report on Human Resources Management Issues (doc. FC 108/15)
Item 16
Recommendations and Decisions of the ICSC and UN Joint Staff Pension Board to the General Assembly (including Changes in Salary Scales and Allowances) (doc. FC 108/16)
Item 17
Results of the Application of the New Methodology for Equitable Geographic Distribution (doc. CL 127/6)
Item 19
Progress Report on Administrative Information Systems
(doc. FC 108/19)
Item 20
Procurement undertaken by FAO for the Regional Development Banks (doc. FC 108/20)
Item 24
Working Methods of the Finance Committee (no document)
Item 25
Date and Place of the Hundred and ninth Session
Item 26
Any Other Matters
    Item 26c)
Payment of the European Community to cover Administrative and Other Expenses arising out of its Membership in the Organization (doc. FC 108/26c))
1 October
09.30 hrs Adoption of the Report of the Joint Meeting
14.30 hrs Adoption of the Report of the Finance Committee