Crop Prospects and Food Situation

GIEWS Publication Notice
In order to provide readers with more focused, better sequenced and integrated information, GIEWS is streamlining its main publications into two complementary products: Crop Prospects and Food Situation and Food Outlook - Global Market Analysis.

Crop Prospects and Food Situation is designed to retain several key components of the two previous reports, Foodcrops and Shortages, and Food Supply Situation and Crop Prospects in sub-Saharan Africa (Africa Report), and present information and analysis in a more concise and useful format. The purpose of this publication will be to provide expert assessment of the food situation at regional levels and in vulnerable countries. Each report will also include an up-to-date brief on the world cereal supply and demand situation. This publication will appear six times per year.

Food Outlook is also being significantly modified and improved; in frequency and structure, as well as content and coverage. The new Food Outlook will be a biannual publication focusing on developments affecting global markets for food and feed commodities. The sub-title "Global Market Analysis" reflects this focus on developments in international markets, with comprehensive assessments and forecasts on a commodity by commodity basis. Food Outlook maintains a close synergy with the newly established sister publication, especially with regard to the coverage of cereals.


Global cereal supply and demand brief

Low-Income Food-Deficit country food situation overview

Regional reviews
    Latin America and the Caribbean
    North America, Europe and Oceania

Statistical appendix

Terminology and notes
GIEWSglobal information and early warning system on food and agriculture