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APPENDIX 4 Equipment that may be needed for seed collection

Administrative items

Movement approvals
Collection authorities
Radio transmission permits
Drivers licences
Firearm permits
Facilities for purchasing stores e.g. petrol, oil


Road, topographic and soil maps to cover the collection route


Literature on the genera and species to be collected

Collecting equipment

Stationery e.g. notebooks, recording forms, pens and pencils


Markers e.g. coloured plastic ribbon

Camera and accessories

Tree measuring instruments - diameter tape, height measuring instrument and length tape

Soil recordings - pH testing kit, soil charts



Hand lens

Large collecting sheets e.g. 4 × 4 m of heavy duty plastic or canvas

Small collecting sheets e.g. 2 × 2 m of calico or other finely woven cloth

Seed bags made of finely-woven cloth, various sizes e.g. 100×100 cm down to 10 × 20 cm for small seed samples, all with ties

Grain bags, large for despatching seed

Equipment for removing seed material - secateurs, long handle pruning saw, shears etc., ladders, chainsaw with fuel and accessories, bowsaw, flexible saw, throwing rope, axe, rifle with ammunition, rake etc.

Safety gear e.g. steel capped boots, leather gloves, safety helmet, safety belt

Weatherproof tags for labelling each seedlot. The markings must not become illegible when wet or abraded

Tags for botanical specimens e.g. white cardboard ‘jewellers’ tags

Plant presses for botanical specimens

Papers for drying specimens in the plant presses

Plastic bags

Specimen bottles with preservative fluid

Containers for soil samples


Cleaning equipment

Sieves e.g. 50cm diameter with screen apertures approx. 8 mm; various laboratory sieves with screen apertures between 3–8 mm, with bottom pan

Funnel and scoop

Other items

Medical supplies
Camping equipment
Vehicle equipment
Two-way radio
Protective clothing

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