Unasylva - No. 146 - Women in forestry

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Table of Contents


Louise Fortmann and Dianne Rocheleau
Why agroforestry needs women: Four myths and a case study

Shobita Jain
Standing up for trees: Women's role in the Chipko Movement

Mercedes Wiff
Honduras: Women make a start in agroforestry

Pia Bergman, Gloria L. Scott, Augusta Molnar, Paula J. Williams, Carol J. Pierce Colfer

Lori-Ann Thrupp
Women, wood and work: In Kenya and beyond

Cerenilla A. Cruz
Women's progress in forestry: Examples from the Philippines and the United States

The world of forestry

COFO looks beyond 2000
Latin American forestry policy
Peasant forest plantations in Cuzco
A glance at the Brutia pine
Deforestation in the Dominican Republic
The forests of Japan
Progress made in watershed management
Fire-fighting success
New forest research project


Two very different forest inventories
Forest ecosystems in Africa
An international glossary of tropical woods
Using bibliographical data banks
Bamboos in Ecuador
Rwanda's woods
Forest ecology research
A North American itinerary
Silviculture and rural development
Classifying Peru's trees
Wood transport
Sixty important species
Forest bibliography of Peru
Costs of roundwood extraction and transport
Afforestation needs incentives


FAO assists Laos
A conservation NGO in China
New magazine about acidification
Peru opens conservation data centre
Protecting the flamingo in Chile

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