10. Taking care of your pond

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270 You must take care of your pond every day when you take food to your fish.

271 Make sure the pond remains full of water.

272 Make sure the screens are in place so that your fish cannot get away.

273 Do not let weeds cover more than one quarter of the surface. If there are too many weeds, clean your pond.

273 Cut the weeds and grass on the banks of the pond.

274 Be sure the water is not leaking through the banks. If you find leaks repair them right away with good soil.

275 Get rid of birds, frogs, turtles, rats and snakes. They can hurt your fish.

276 Do not let large animals such as cows, buffalo, horses or donkeys graze on the banks of your pond. They are too heavy and may break the banks down.

Figure 150

277 But you may let smaller animals such as goats and sheep graze on the banks and keep them clean.

278 Do not use your pond, your pond water source or your water supply ditch for bathing or for washing clothes, dishes or cooking pots.

279 Do not plant big trees near your pond. If there are already big trees there, cut any branches that hang over the pond. The water in your pond may not turn green enough if your pond is in the shade.

Figure 151

Figure 152


Every day check the water level and screens

Keep water weeds under control

Cut the grass on the banks regularly

Repair any water leaks immediately

Get rid of fish-eating animals

Keep cattle and other heavy animals away from the banks

Do not bathe or wash in your ponds

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