13. Beginning again

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352 If you have drained all the water from your pond, you can clean the bottom of the pond.

353 But do not let your pond bottom become too dry. If the bottom of your pond becomes too dry, it may crack and will not hold water well when you are ready to fill the pond with water again.

354 Repair the banks and cut the weeds and grass on the banks around the pond.

355 If there are any water leaks in the banks or around the inlet, outlet or overflow, stop them by packing them with good clay soil.

Figure 178

356 When you are finished, let water into the pond and fertilize the water with animal compost, plant compost, animal manure or plant material, as you did before.

357 When the pond is green again, stock it again with baby fish. Use only healthy fish that are 5 centimetres or longer. Grow them as you have done before.

Figure 179

Figure 180

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