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Camels kept under extensive conditions in the Mogadishu region,
Somalia (Ramet, 1989a)


Photo 1

Herd moving along a track in the bush

Photo 2

Camel market

Photo 3

Working camels

Photo 4

Somali nomads

Photo 5

Camels browsing on the plain

Photo 6

Gathering of camels around a well

Photo 7

Camels halted for the night

Photo 8

Dairy production under unrestricted housing conditions

Photo 9

Suckling mothers with their young

Photo 10

Fresh (cottage) cheese (Ramet, 1987)

Photo 11

Semi-hard cheese cured in oil or brine (Ramet, 1987)

Photo 12

Soft cheese treated with the whote mould Penicillium camembertii (Ramet, 1990)

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