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Edouard Saouma

Directeur général
Director General

I have pleasure in including this message in the 66th issue of World Animal Review to mark the resumption of its publication after a two-year suspension. Readers of the Review are well aware of the budgetary constraints on the Organization which forced us to cease the publication of several of-our periodicals in 1988.

The Organization is happy to resume the publication of this quarterly journal on animal health, production and products which fulfils one of FAO's roles as a communicator of technical information, particularly to our readers in the developing countries.

For reasons of economy, articles in this issue are published in their original language, with summaries in English, French and Spanish. Although most of these articles are in English, we hope to receive greater input from our French and Spanish readers for future issues.

I should like to add that the many letters of support and concern which have reached us during the two intervening years have been greatly appreciated. I am sure that the World Animal Review will continue to make an important contribution to our efforts to promote the development of the world's animal resources.

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