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Cuban Pelibuey sheep: Bibliographical review of some production characteristics

The Pelibuey is the most widespread breed of sheep in Cuba. It is a hair sheep that is very tolerant of the environmental conditions in Cuba. Weight at birth ranges from 2.1 to 3.4 kg. The weight at 90 days is 14 and 13 kg, and at 300 days 39 and 35 kg, for males and females respectively. Female puberty is normally achieved at 7-10 months depending on the feeding system and the season of birth. There is no evidence of seasonal influence on the presentation of oestrus for animals with a good year-round nutritional regime. Fertility and proliferation rates are, however, higher in the months of June to July than in March to April and October to November. The number of offspring per birth is 1.2-1.48 and the first post-partum oestrus takes place at 40-55 days.

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