Land evaluation for development

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations



Table of contents


The need for land evaluation

The nature of land

How land is evaluated

1. Defining objectives
2. Collecting the data
3. Identifying land uses
4. Identifying land units
5. Assessing suitability
6. Identifying environmental and socio-economic issues
7. Identifying the most suitable land use
8. Planning land use

Tanzania: Land-use planning in practice

Applications of land evaluation

Choice in rainfed agriculture

Mauritius: Mapping agricultural suitability

What price irrigation?

Ethiopia: A cautionary tale

What future for extensive grazing?

Kenya: Land suitability for nomadic grazing

Choosing land for forestry

Land planning in the Philippines

New land for settlers

Indonesia: Phased land-use planning for transmigration

Quantification and computers

Indonesia: Computerized land evaluation

Getting help from FAO

Technical assistance