Directory of arid lands research institutions 1995

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Katherine V. Waser
Barbara S. Hutchinson

Office of Arid Lands Studies, University of Arizona
Desertification Control/Programme Activity Centre,United Nations Environment Programme

Rome, 1995

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Notes on directory arrangement and usage
Algeria - North Africa
Argentina - South America
Armenia - West Asia
Australia - Australia
Azerbaijan - Central Asia
Botswana - Southern Africa
Brazil - South America
Burkina Faso - West Africa
Canada - North America
Cape Verde - West Africa
Chad - West Africa
Chile - South America
China - East Asia
Colombia - South America
Egypt - North Africa
France - Europe
The Gambia - West Africa
Germany - Europe
India - South Asia
Iran - West Asia
Israel - West Asia
Italy - Europe
Japan - East Asia
Jordan - West Asia
Kazakhstan - Central Asia
Kenya - East Africa
Kuwait - West Asia
Lebanon - West Asia
Madagascar - East Africa
Malawi - East Africa
Mali - West Africa
Mauritania - West Africa
Mexico - North America
Moroco - North America
Namibia - Southern Africa
The Netherlands - Europe
Niger - West Africa
Nigeria - West Africa
Oman - West Africa
Pakistan - South Asia
Peru - South America
Portugal - Europe
Qatar - West Asia
Saudi Arabia - West Asia
Senegal - West Africa
South Africa - Southern Africa
Spain - Europe
Sudan - East Africa
Swaziland - Southern Africa
Switzerland - Europe
Tanzania - East Africa
Tunisia - North Africa
Turkey - West Asia
Turkmenistan - Central Asia
United Kindom - Europe
United States - North America
Venezuela - South America
Zambia - Southern Africa
Zimbabwe - Southern Africa
Index of institutions
1988 Institutions not responding

International organizations