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Importance of agriculture to the economy

Importance of agriculture to the economy

In 1992, agriculture provided 14% of the GDP and employed 34.8% of the population. The agriculturally usable land amounts to 13% of the total land area of the country and forest covers 8.2%. The principal crops are cereals (mainly wheat and barley), citrus fruit, olives, beans, chickpeas, tomatoes and potatoes. In 1989, fish and fish products accounted for 42% of food exports and 14% of all exports, while citrus fruit accounted for 4.1% of all exports. For the past five years, it is estimated that agriculture has been able to cover the country's food needs to the following extent: cereals, 79%; sugar, 66%; oil, 35%; milk and milk products, 55%; fruit and vegetables, 100%; meat, 100%.

Sectoral Contributions to GDP and Employment

Source: Europa World Yearbook, 1994

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