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ADT : Air Dry Ton
AOX : Adsorbable Organic Halides
BOD5 : five days Biological Oxygen Demand
COD : Chemical Oxygen Demand
CTMP : Chemi-Thermo-Mechanical Pulping
EA : Environmental Auditing
EIA : Environmental Impact Assessment
EIU : Environmental Impact Unit
EMS : Environmental Management System
FAO : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
HYSP : High Yield Sulphite Pulping
KP : Kraft Pulping
KSP : Kraft Semichemical Pulping
LC50 : Lethal Charge 50
MST : Median Survival Time
Mt : Million tons
NGOs : Non-Governmental Organizations
NSSP : Neutral Sulphite Semichemical Pulping
OCDD : octachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin
OM : Oxidizable matter
PCBs : Polychlorinated biphenyls
PIU : Parameter Importance Unit
RMP : Refiner Mechanical Pulping
SGW : Stone Groundwood Pulping
SS : Suspended Solids
ST : steering committee
TCDD : tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin
TCDF : tetrachlorodibenzo-furan
TDS : Total Dissolved Sulphurs
TMP : Thermo-Mechanical Pulping
TOE : Ton of Oil Equivalent
TOR : Terms of Reference
TRS : Total Reduced Sulphur
TSS : Total Suspended Solids
UNCED : United Nations Conference on Environment and Development
UNEP : United Nations Environment Programme
UNIDO : United Nations Industrial Development Organization



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127Valuing forests: context, issues and guidelines, 1995 (E)
128Forest resources assessment 1990 - Tropical forest plantation resources, 1995 (E)
129Environmental impact assessment and environmental auditing in the pulp and paper industry, 1996 (E)

Availability: January 1996

Ar - Arabic
C - Chinese
E - English
I - Italian
F - French
P - Portuguese
S - Spanish
Multil - Multilingual
* Out of print
** In preparation

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