The Internet and rural and agricultural development: an integrated approach

Author: Don Richardson
Year: 1997




Executive Summary

1. Introduction

Communication for development and the global Internet: conceptual approach

Benefits of rural Internet access and improved horizontal communication

Elements for sustainability and success

A vision with cautions and a call for "champions"

2. Enhancing rural community resources: a vision for internet use in support of integrated rural and agricultural development

The vision of an integrated approach

The scope of possible outputs

Applying a communication for development approach to the Internet

3. The current context for internet and development initiatives

Who's doing what and where?

How did the Internet become such a decentralised "people's network"?

Twelve common elements

A model initiative: the Mexicali experience - FAO/farmer partnership

The Chilean experience: starting with small producers and their needs

Other experiences.

4. Internet applications in support of sustainable rural and agricultural development

Economic development applications for agricultural producers

Community development applications

Research/education applications

Small and medium enterprise development

News media networks

5. "Best practices" for supporting internet and development initiatives

Promote policy and regional coordination of Internet strategy for rural and agricultural development

Establish pilot projects

Promote community managed communication and information services

Support efforts to liberalize telecommunication policies in developing countries

Support local Internet entrepreneurs and other service providers in developing countries

Assist stakeholders in advocating for Internet service provision and telecommunication infrastructure and policy improvements

Orient existing Internet information services to users in developing countries

Support rural and agricultural education sector Internet capability

Provide Internet awareness building and demonstration

Promote rural and remote Internet infrastructure development

Support creative Internet applications and information services for rural and agricultural development

6. Conclusion