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Table 28. Commercial hatchery and nursery feed suppliers in the Philippines

Product Name

Species: Stage

Product Description


Microencapsulated diets

Frippak #1 CAR
Frippak #2 CD
Frippak #3 CD

shrimp: nauplii- zoea, mysis, PL1-PL4

microcapsules; particle size: #1 CAR - 5-301m, #2 CD -30-901m, #3 CD -80-1501m

Inphilco, Inc.

Frippak PL+ (PL150,PL300, PL500)

shrimp/finfish: postlarval

microgranules; particle size: PL300 - 200-4001m,PL500 - 400-6001m

Inphilco, Inc.

Artificial Plankton A.P.

shrimp: zoea- PL12

microcapsules; synthetic plankton diet; particle size: 50-1001m

Argent Laboratories, Inc.

Hatchfry Encapsulon I,II,III

shrimp/finfish: larval

microparticle larval feed; particle size: I- 50-1501m, II- 150-2501m, III-250-4501m

Argent Laboratories, Inc.


Argentemia (Artemia cysts)

shrimp/fish/tropical finfish: postlarval

cyst count/gram: platinum label- 330,000- 400,000 gold label-270,000 silver label-240,000-270,000 bronze label- <250,000

Argent Laboratories, Inc.

Artemia (AF, UL, IH, EG)

shrimp: larval


Finetex Enterprises, Inc.

Frozen Brine Shrimp

shrimp/finfish: larval

block frozen brine shrimp; can be used as feed or feed ingredient in larval diet

Argent Laboratories, Inc.

Artificial Artemia Powder (AAP#0, AAP#1,AAP#2, AAP#3)

shrimp: postlarval

compound diet: AAP#0 - 50-1501m, AAP#1 - 150-3001m, AAP#2 - 300-4501m, AAP#3-450-6001m

White Crane Philippines

Brine Shrimp Flakes

shrimp/finfish: larval and postlarval

flake feed

Argent Laboratories, Inc.

Lipid enrichment additives


crustacea/finfish: post-larval

fish oil emulsion for enrichment of artemia and feeds

Argent Laboratories, Inc.


crustacea/finfish: postlarval

oil; fatty acid booster for artemia diet

Argent Laboratories, Inc.

Selco, Super-selco

shrimp/finfish: larval

oil; for enhancement of artemia, rotifers and nematodes

Finetex Enterprises, Inc.

Specialty feeds

Dry Selco, Protein Selco, Culture Selco

shrimp/finfish: larval

dry compound diet

Finetex, Ent., Inc.


crustacea/finfish: fry

freeze-dried krill; can be feed whole or grounded for addition to feeds

Argent Laboratories, Inc.

Lanzy range

shrimp/finfish: larval

powder: compound diets for hatchery

Finetex Enterprises. Inc.

Spirulina (microfine, and regular)

shrimp/finfish: larval up to fry

spray-dried Spirulina powder; can be used as feed or feed additive

Argent Laboratories, Inc.

Hormone-treated feed

tilapia: larval

powder; compound diet used for sex reversal

Aquatic Biosystems

Marila and Marila-base

shrimp: broodstock

liquid; natural enrichment diet or lipid ingredient for broodstock diet

Finetex Enterprises, Inc.


shrimp: broodstock

pelleted form; used to supplement fresh feeds

Argent Laboratories, Inc.

For the full address of the above-mentioned suppliers see Table 51.

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