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Table 73. Feeding methods and equipments for fish culture

Feeding Methods/ Equipments




Feed tray

ration placed on a 1 x 1m or 1 x 2 m fine meshed net situated 15-20 cm below the water surface

low cost and simple to use

limited feed distribution; significant nutrient leaching and feed disintegration

Hand feeding

ration broadcasted by hand for 15-30 minutes

allows uniform feeding and observation of appetite and feed response

costly and labour intensive

Demand feeder

feed release mechanism triggered by fish on demand

cost- and labour- efficient; reflects on appetite and condition of fish

should be used strictly with a maximum feeder: fish ratio to ensure uniform feeding; cannot be used for smaller than 20 g fish

Automatic feed blower

feed automatically broadcasted by electrically powered feed blower

wide area of distribution of at least 1:5,000 feeder: fish ratio

does not reflect fish appetite; requires electrical power; high cost and high power consumption (1/4-1/2 hp)

Automatic feed spreader

feed automatically broadcasted by electrically powered feed spreader

wide area of distribution at 1:10,000-15,000 feeder: fish ratio; lower power consumption; certain models accepts crumbled feeds

does not reflect fish appetite

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