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Gratitude is expressed to the Government of Zimbabwe for hosting the Workshop and to the Honourable Minster of Agriculture, Dr D. Norman, and the Honourable Minster of Lands and Water Resources, Dr K. M. Kangai, for their opening and closing speeches respectively.

The technical papers contributed by the resources persons and active participation of government-nominated experts, NGOs, equipment manufacturers and suppliers and representatives of multilateral and bilateral organizations are gratefully acknowledged.

Special thanks are due to the Global Water Partnership for their generous financial support and to the International Programme for Technology Research in Irrigation and Drainage (IPTRID) for collaboration and support for the pre-Workshop missions and for preparation of documents for the Workshop.

The encouragement and support of Ms. Sekitoleko, Subregional Representative, and staff of the FAO Subregional Office for Southern and East Africa (SAFR), and the continuing support of Mr Hans Wolter, Chief, Water Resources, Development and Management Service (AGLW), Land and Water Development Division, are greatly appreciated.

Special thanks are due to Messrs Arumugam Kandiah and Reto Florin, Senior Officers, AGLW, and Mr Randall Purcell, Program Manager, IPTRID, for the overall planning and coordination of the Workshop; Messrs Andreas Savva and Andries Bosma, SAFR, for technical and organizational support to the Workshop; and Mr. Neil Paul for editing the report and the technical papers.

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