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1. Wildlife and national park legislation in Asia, 1971 (E*)

2. Wildlife and national park legislation in Latin America, 1971 (E*S*)

3. Vicuña conservation legislation, 1971 (E* S*)

4. Legal systems for environment protection: Japan, Sweden, United States, 1973 (E*)

5. Agrarian law and judicial systems, 1975 (E* F* S*)

6. Agricultural credit legislation in selected developing countries, 1974(E*)

7. An outline of food law, 1983 (E* F S*)

8. Legislación de aguas en América Central, Caribe y Mexico - Vol. I, 1983(S)

9. A legal and institutional framework for natural resources management, 1983 (E S)

10. Water law in selected European countries (Belgium, England and Wales, France, Israel, Italy, Spain, Turkey) - Vol. I, 1979 (E* F S*)

11. Fundamentos teóricos para una legislación tributaria en el sector agropecuario, 1976 (S*)

12. International food standards and national laws, 1976(E F*)

13. Derecho agrario y desarrollo agrícola: estado actual y perspectivas en América Latina, 1978 (S*)

14. Legal and institutional responses to growing water demand, 1977 (E*F*S*)

15. Systematic index of international water resources treaties, declarations, acts and cases by basin - Vol. I, 1978 (E/F/S*)

16. Seed legislation, 1980 (E F* S)

17. Water law in selected African countries, 1980 (E* F S)

18. Reforma agraria y desarrollo rural integrado, 1979 (S*)

19. Water legislation in South American countries, 1983 (E* F S*)

20. Legislation on wildlife, hunting and protected areas in some European countries, 1980 (E* F* S*)

21. Coastal state requirements for foreign fishing has been replaced by FISHLEX database published in the FAO Legal Office home page:

22. Agricultural insurance legislation, 1981 (E* S*)

23. The law of international water resources, 1980(E*F S)

24. Irrigation users' organizations in the legislation and administration of certain Latin American countries, 1983 (E S)

25. Legislation on wildlife and protected areas in Africa, 1984(E F)

26. The UN Convention on the Law of the Sea: impacts on tuna regulation, 1982 (E F)

27. Regional compendium of fisheries legislation - West Africa (CECAF Region), 1983 (E/F*)

28. Plant protection legislation, 1984 (E* F S)

29. Legislation on foods for infants and small children, 1983 (E*)

30. Water law in selected European countries (Cyprus, Finland, the Netherlands, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Yugoslavia) - Vol. II, 1983 (E)

31. The role of legislation in land use planning for developing countries, 1985 (E)

32. Agricultural census legislation, 1984 (E*)

33. Legislation on productivity in agriculture: a comparative outline, 1985 (E F S)

34. Systematic index of international water resources treaties, declarations, acts and cases by basin - Vol. II, 1984 (E/F/S*)

35. Regional compendium of fisheries legislation (Western Pacific Region) - Vols I and II, 1984 (E)

36. Legislation controlling the international beef and veal trade, 1985(E*F S)

37. La législation forestière au Cap-Vert, en Ethiopie, en Gambie, au Mali et en Mauritanie, au Niger, au Rwanda et au Sénégal, 1986 (F)

38. The environmental impact of economic incentives for agricultural production: a comparative law study, 1990 (E F S)

39. Propiedad, tenencia y redistribución de tierras en la legislación de América Central y México, 1986 (S)

40. International groundwater resources law, 1986 (E F S)

41. Land tenure systems and forest policy, 1987 (E F)

42. Regional compendium of fisheries legislation (Indian Ocean Region) - Vols I and II, 1987 (E)

43. Pesticide labelling legislation, 1988 (E F S)

44. La réforme du droit de la terre dans certains pays d'Afrique francophone, 1987 (F)

45. Legal aspects of international joint ventures in agriculture, 1990 (E)

46. The freshwater-maritime interface: legal and institutional aspects, 1990 (E)

47. The regulation of driftnet fishing on the high seas: legal issues, 1991 (E F)

48. Les périmètres irrigués en droit comparé africain (Madagascar, Maroc, Niger, Sénégal, Tunisie), 1992 (F)

49. Analyse préliminaire de certains textes législatifs régissant l'aquaculture, 1993 (F S)

50. Treaties concerning the non-navigational uses of international watercourses - Europe, 1993 (E/F/S)

51. Pesticide registration legislation, 1995 (E F)

52. Preparating national regulations for water resources management, 1994 (E)

53. Evaluation des impacts sur l'environnement pour un développement rural durable: étude juridique, 1994 (F)

54. Legislation governing food control and quality certification - The authorities and procedures, 1995 (E F)

55. Treaties concerning the non-navigational uses of international watercourses - Asia, 1995 (E/F)

56. Tendances d'évolution des législations agrofroncières en Afrique francophone, 1996 (F)

57. Coastal State requirements for foreign fishing, 1996 (E), replaced by FISHLEX database on Coastal State, requirements,

58. Readings in African customary water law, 1996 (E/F)

59. Cadre juridique de la sécurité alimentaire, 1996 (F)

60. Le foncier-environnement - Fondements juridico-institutionnels pour une gestion viable des ressources naturelles renouvelables au Sahel, 1997 (F)

61. Treaties concerning the non-navigational uses of international watercourses - Africa, 1997 (E/F)

62. New principles of phytosanitary legislation, 1999 (E F S)

63. The burden of proof in natural resources legislation - Some critical issues for fisheries law, 1998 (E)

64. Política y legislación de aguas en el Istmo centroamericano - El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, 1998(S)

65. Sources of international water law, 1998 (E)

66. Trends in Forestry Law in America and Asia, 1998 (E F S)

67. Issues in water law reform, 1999 (E)

68. Extracts from international and regional instruments and declarations, and other authoritative texts addressing the right to food, 1999 (E/F/S)

69. Élaboration des réglementations nationales de gestion des ressources en eau - Principes et pratiques, 1999 (F)

70. Water rights administration - Experience, issues and guidelines, 2001 (E)


Food and Agricultural Legislation (E/F/S) - A selection of significant and illustrative current laws and regulations governing food and agriculture in FAO Member Nations has been replaced by FAOLEX database published in the FAO Legal Office Web site or directly at

Availability: November 2001

Ar - Arabic

C - Chinese

E - English

F - French

P - Portuguese

S - Spanish

Multil - Multilingual

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** In preparation

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