Fiji/FAO Asia Pacific Sugar Conference
Fiji, 29-31 October 1997


Contents of the Proceedings

Summing-up of the conference
Opening Statement
Part I

Theoretical Outlook, Framework Analysis and Background Documentation

Background Studies: Australia, China, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam

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A Quantitative Market Outlook for Sugar to 2005 in Major Asia and Pacific Contries
Impacts of Trade Liberalization on the World Sugar Market
Is Sugar ''Pure White and Deadly"?
Part II

Policy Issues

The Importance of Special Trading Arrangements in the Promotion of Growth and Stability in Developing Countries
The World Sugar Market and Reform
A Trade View of the Future of Sugar in the Region
The Japanese Sugar Market
Factors influencing Development of Sugar Exports and Potential for Growth in Australia
Is the Planned Export Potential Sustainable in Thailand
The Development in the Industrial Use of Sugar in China from 1970 to 1996 and its Future Prospects
The North American Sugar Market : Recent Trends and Prospects beyond 2000 Introduction an Overview
Factors determining Indian Sugar Production and its Comparative Advantage
Will the Philippines revert to its Net Sugar Exporter Status?

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