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The e-mail conference addressed the most common issues and concerns, plus success stories regarding the adoption of technologies in the rice post-production system from farm to processing plants. Included in the discussion were the known concerns of farmers and processors, and the activities of service industries and institutions.

At this time, not all of the desired audience has immediate access to E-mail. There was an active exchange of ideas with the available participants. Representatives were drawn from 72 names in the UST-SERVER, readers who saw the summary announcement of the conference in the ACIAR Post Harvest Newsletter and groups who assembled in meeting rooms arranged so they could listen to the discussion. The International Rice Research Institute's (IRRI) Engineering Division will continue to host the E-mail Conference following expressed interest on behalf of those involved.

This summary is the first milestone in the commencement of these discussions. Corrections, affirmations and opposing views are encouraged, as this is a draft of the proceedings. The Conference Facilitator has further verified some of the points raised in the conference during subsequent field visits. These observations are reported in this document.

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