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Illustrations of self - help wells

Small diameter (10 cm) village self-help well equipped with hand pump

Small diameter well (10 cm) equipped with slender bucket as water supply for 70 people at an agricultural school. Note casing ends approximately one metre above the ground surface to minimize contamination

Simple drilling apparatus using motorcycle wheels and 4 inch pipes

Small diameter (10 cm) village self-help well equipped with slender well bucket

Large diameter self-help well equipped with animal-drawn skin bucket and small reservoir for irrigating vegetable crops

Large diameter village self-help well. (Note rim around platform to divert spilled water to animal watering trough.)

Large diameter well equipped with stone channel to irrigation system into which skin buckets are emptied

Traditional animal-drawn, skin bucket on large diameter well used in irrigating orchard

Students learning to repair village well pump

Debris from vertical shafts of a Ghanat in alluvium

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