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FAO soils bulletins

1. Soils of the arid zones of Chile, 1965 (E**)

2. Survey of soil laboratories in 64 FAO member countries, 1965 (E**)

3. Guide on general and specialized equipment for soil laboratories, 1966 (E**)

4. Guide to 60 soil and water conservation practices, 1966 (E**)

5. Selection of soil for cocoa, 1966 (C* E** F** S**)

6. Aerial photo interpretation in soil survey, 1967 (E* F* S**)

7. A practical manual of soil microbiology laboratory methods, 1967 (E* *)

8. Soil survey interpretation and its use, 1967 (E*)

9. The preparation of soil survey reports, 1970 (E** F** S**)

10. Physical and chemical methods of soil and water analysis, 1970 (E* F* S*)

11. Soil fertility investigations on farmers' fields, 1970 (E* F* S*)

12. A study on the response of wheat to fertilizers, 1971 (E*)

13. Land degradation, 1971 (C* E*)

14. Improving soil fertility in Africa, 1971 (E* F*)

15. Legislative principles of soil conservation, 1971 (E**)

16. Effects of intensive fertilizer use on the human environment, 1972 (E*)

17. Trace elements in soils and agriculture, 1972 (E* F* S*)

18. Guide to the calibration of soil tests for fertilizer recommendations, 1973 (E* F* S*)

19. Soil survey interpretation for engineering purposes, 1973 (E* F* S*)

20. Fertilizer legislation, 1973 (E* S*)

21. Calcareous soils, 1973 (E * F*)

22. Approaches to land classification, 1974 (E**)

23. Management properties of ferralsols, 1974 (E*)

24. Shifting cultivation and soil conservation in Africa, 1974 (E* F* S*)

25. Sandy soils, 1975 (E*)

26. Planning and organization of fertilizer development in Africa, 1975 (E**)

27. Organic materials as fertilizers, 1975 (E* F* S*)

28. S.I. units and nomenclature in soil science, 1975 (E*)

29. Land evaluation in Europe, 1976 (E**)

30. Soil conservation in developing countries, 1976 (E* F* S*)

31. Prognosis of salinity and alkalinity, 1976 (E*)

32. A framework for land evaluation, 1976 (C* E* F* S*)

33. Soil conservation and management in developing countries, 1977 (E* F***)

34. Assessing soil degradation, 1977 (C* E*)

35. Organic materials and soil productivity, 1978 (C* E*)

36. Organic recycling in Asia, 1978 (C* E**)

37. Improved use of plant nutrients, 1978 (C* E*)

38/1. Soil and plant testing and analysis, 1980 (E*)

38/2. Soil and plant testing as a basis of fertilizer recommendations, 1980 (E* S*)

39. Guidelines for prognosis and monitoring of salinity and sodicity, 1978 (E*** F*** S***)

40. China: recycling of organic wastes in agriculture, 1978 (E* F* S*)

41. China: azolla propagation and small-scale biogas technology, 1979 (E* F* S*)

42. Soil survey investigations for irrigation, 1979 (C* E*)

43. Organic recycling in Africa, 1980 (E*)

44. Watershed development with special reference to soil and water conservation, 1979 (C* E* F*** S***)

45. Organic materials and soil productivity in the Near East, 1982 (E* with Arabic summary)

46. Blue-green algae for rice production - a manual for its promotion, 1981 (E*)

47. Le recyclage des résidus agricoles organiques en Afrique, 1982 (F*)

48. Micronutrients and the nutrient status of soils: a global study, 1982 (E*)

49. Application of nitrogen-fixing systems in soil management, 1982 (E* F*** S***)

50. Keeping the land alive: soil erosion - its causes and cures, 1983 (E* F* S*)

51. El reciclaje de materias orgánicas en la agricultura de América Latina, 1983 (S*)

52. Guidelines for land evaluation for rainfed agriculture, 1983 (E* F*** S***)

53. Improved production system as an alternative to shifting cultivation, 1984 (E* F*** S***)

54. Tillage systems for soil and water conservation, 1984 (E*)

55. Guidelines: land evaluation for irrigated agriculture, 1985 (E*)

Availability: April 1985

C - Chinese
E - English
F - French
S - Spanish

* Available
** Out of print
*** In preparation

FAO Soils Bulletins are available through the authorized FAO Sales Agents or directly from Distribution and Sales Section, FAO, Via delle Terme di Caracalla, 00100 Rome, Italy.

ISBN 92-5-102243-7

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