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Author expreses his appreciation and gratitude to the following colleagues of Dr YS Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Solan for their valuable technical input and active cooperation in compiling the information on different chapters of this book.

1. Dr SP Arya, Professor of Silviculture
2. Dr(Mrs) Usha Chauhan, Assistant Scientist, Entomology
3. Or Prem Raj Gupta, Sr Entomologist
4. Dr MS Jangra, Asstt Agrometeorologist, Soil Science
5. Dr SD Kashyap, Dy Director of Research (Agroforestry)
6. Dr IP Sharma, Dy Director of Research (Horticulture)
7. Dr PC Sharma, Asstt Scientist (Fruit Technology)
8. Mr. DP Sharma, Technical Assistant, Soil Science
9. Dr(Mrs) Vidya Thakur, Asstt Scientist (Forestry)
10. Dr ML Verma, Asstt Scientist, Soil Science

Author is also thankful to other colleagues Dr AK Randev, Dr AK Agnihotri, Dr RC Sharma, Ms Aparna Negi, Ms Ambika Verma, Ms Usha Rana who put in a great deal of painstaking efforts for critically reading this manuscript and to Mr. Asha Ram for his tireless and devoted efforts in composing of this manuscript. Thanks are also due to Sh Mohinder Singh Chauhan who took pains in drawing the figures.

Participating countries

Sri Lanka

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