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This document was prepared and published under the FAO Technical Cooperation Programme as part of the background material for a Workshop on the Production and Utilization of Commercial Seaweeds which was held in Qingdao, People's Republic of China from 25 May to 15 June 1987. The Workshop was funded jointly by FAO, the Academia Sinica and the UNDP.

It was decided to publish it as an FAO Fisheries Technical Paper in order to fill a gap in the available literature on commercial extraction processes of the most important phyco-colloids. The publication is also a companion to FAO Fisheries Technical Paper (281) Case studies of seven commercial seaweed resources, edited by M.S. Doty, J.F. Caddy and B. Santelices.


FAO Fisheries Department
FAO Regional Fisheries Officers
Participants in the Workshop Limited HP Selector

For bibliographic purposes this document should be cited as follows:

McHugh, D.J. 1987 (ed.), 1987. Production and utilization of products from commercial seaweeds. FAO Fish.Tech.Pap., (288):189 p.

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