Modernization of irrigation system operations: proceedings of the 5th ITIS network international meeting, Aurangabad, 28-30 October 1998

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Table of Contents


The meeting in brief

Summary report & conclusions of the ITIS 5 Meeting


Development and modernization of irrigation in Maharashtra -Shri S.T. Deokule

Modernization of irrigation systems: a continuing process -Daniel Renault

The role of the World Bank & new opportunities -Hervé Plusquellec


Modernization of irrigation system operational management by way of canal automation in India -Anil B. Mandavia

Intervention analysis of an irrigation system using a structured system concept -R. Sakthivadivel, S. Thiruvengadachari and Upali A. Amarasinghe

Canal modernization in the Indus Basin irrigation system -Gaylord V. Skogerboe, Zaigham Habib, Kobkiat Pongput, Paul Willem Vehmeyer,and Abdul Hakeem Khan

Modern water control and management practices in irrigation:impact on performance -Charles M. Burt and Stuart W. Styles


Need for and limitations in the application of information technology to the irrigation sector in developing countries -S.G. Shirke, A.R. Suryavanshi, A.V. Chandorkar

The Majalgaon dynamic regulation pilot project: a uniform approach to canal modernization -R.G. Kulkarni, J.L. Deltour

The modernization efforts of the Kankai irrigation system -Suman Sijapati

Diagnostic analysis and some approachesfor improving water delivery performance in the Bhakra canal command -N.K. Tyagi

Some experiences on modernization in irrigation system rehabilitation in Sri Lanka -G.G.A. Godaliyadda, K.R.P.M. Mullegamgoda, A.M.U.B. Alahakoon

Modernization of farmer-managed irrigation systems in Nepal: process and learning-R. P. Bhandari and D. R. Pokharel


Modernizing irrigation operations:spatially differentiated resource allocations -D. Renault & I.W. Makin

The information technology-based improved management system for the Teesta Barrage project -Biswa Sarathi Majumdar

Modernization of irrigation system operations: institutional development and physical improvement -Indra Lal Kalu

Tertiary level irrigation system management in the Chambal command by water user associations -K.V.G.K. Rao, R.C. Bower, Anju Gaur and N.A. Visvanatha

Training and applied research for the irrigation modernization processin developing countries -Ahmed Benhammou

Participatory irrigation management in the Chambal command -S.N. Mundra &
A.K. Garg

Evaluation of water management in irrigated croplands -A.K. Chakraborti

An irrigation modernization training programme -Charles M. Burt & Thierry Facon



List of participants