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13. BEVERAGES: (contd.)

Item No.Food and DescriptionFrench NameComposition in Terms of 100 Grams Edible Portion
Food EnergyMoistureProteinFatCarbohydrate, total (incl. fiber)FiberAshCalciumPhosphorusIronRetionalB-carotene EquivalentThiamineRiboflavinNiacinTryptophanAscorbic acidRefuse in as purchased
1592.Sugar-cane (2.9% alcohol by weight)de canne à sucre4290.7  6.2 .2           
    (1)  (1) (1)           
1593.Ashes, vegetableCendres végétales                  
1594.ChocolateChocolat3511.04.431.162.1 1.4           
    (1)(1)(1)  (1)           
1595.Cocoa beans (Theobroma cacao), husked, fermentedFèves de cacao                  
1596.Cocoa, powderPowder2734.916.520.851.5 6.3           
  de cacao (1)(1)(1)  (1)           
1597.Coffee beans, roastedCafé grillé                  
1598.Coffee, instant, powder Condiments:Café soluble                  
1599.African nutmeg; false nutmeg; calabash nutmeg (Monodora myristica), seedsMuscade de calebasse; fausse muscade47710.48.829. 9.3  .09.10.5   
    (1)(1)(1) (1)(1)(1) (1)  (1)(1)(1)   
1600.Ajowan-caraway (Trachyspermum ammi; Carum copticum), seedsAmmi3279.811.36.357.8 14.8    480.43.75  2 
    (1)(1)(1)  (1)    (1)(1)(1)  (1) 
1601.Allspice (Pimenta dioica; P. officinalis), leavesPiment de la Jamaï que, quatreépices11864.24.21.327.16.43.2360423.4 3,680.04.10.5 74 
    (2)(2)(2) (2)(2)(2)(2)(2) (2)(2)(2)(2) (2) 
    ------ ---------- -------- -- 
1602.Chili (Capsicum sp.), driedPiment31212.913.99.456.011.17.8538190  1,0600.204.4   
    (1)(1)(1) (1)(1)(1)(1)  (1)(1)(1)(1)   
1603.Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)Cannelle de Ceylan30511. 3.3470    .02.07.7   
    (1)(1)(1)  (1)(1)    (1)(1)(1)   
1604.Cloves (Eugenia caryophyllus), driedCloue de girofle                  
1605.Coriander (Coriandrum sativum), dried seedCoriandre; persil arabe persil chi-                  
1606.Cumin (Cuminum cyminum), seedCumin                  
 Garlic, dried. See Vegetables.                   
1607.Ginger (Zingiber officinale), root, driedGingembre30110.27.62.972.4 6.9180 0 
    (1)(1)(1)  (1)(1)   (1)(1)(1)(1) (1) 
1608.Mackakscha, mixed spice from EthiopiaCondiment, éthiopien31112.28.79.658.813.610.72220  1,2750.094.4   
    (1)(1)(1) (1)(1)(1)(1)  (1)(1)(1)(1)   
1609.Mint (Mentha spp.), leavesMenthe                  
1610.Mustard seed, whiteMoutarde                  
 (Sinapsis alba; Brassica alba; B. hirta)blancne                  
1611.Myrtle, true (Myrtus communis), leavesMyrte                  
1612.Paradise melegueta pepper (Aframomun melegueta), fruit, semi-driedAmome; maniguette; gomme à couscous 21.07.5 27.8 4.2750tr.         
    (1)(1)   (1)(1)(1)         
1613.Parsley (Petroselinum crispum), dried                   
 Peppers, dried. See Vegetables.                   
1614.Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), leavesRomarin                  
1615.Soybean sauceSauce de soja                  
1616.Thyme, common (Thymus spp.), leaves, rawThym6878.34.3.814.15.52.5 ?56459.2        
    (1)(1)(1) (1)(1)(1)(1)(1)        
1617.Turmeric (Curcuma longa), rhizomeCurcuma; safran des Indes                  
1619.Vetch and paprika, 29312.825.81.853.12.96.5237230  3,0500.093.6   
 Ethiopia  (1)(1)(1) (1)(1)(1)(1)  (1)(1)(1)(1)   
1620.Gum, ArabicGomme arabique                  
 Kāna (Ethiopian prod-                   
 uct). See                   
1621.Salts, local Yeast:Sels alimentaires Levure                  
1622.Baker's compressed 86870.910.68.412.7.32.7           
    (1)(1)(1) (1)(1)           
1623.Brewer's yeast, dried                   
1624.Kaffir beer yeast                   

1 Samples cultivated on fertilized soil.
2 The total protein value reported was reduced by 1/3 as it is assumed that only 2/3 of the nitrogen in mushrooms is considered as protein nitrogen. The food energy was calculated before this assumption was made.
3 For mature, red, peppers, the value is about 2, 760 micrograms per 100 grams.
4 Values vary greatly due to the color of the pulp. Deep-orange pulp is reported to have higher value than the pale pulp.
5 In Africa, papaya is commonly called pawpaw or papaw, while in North America, papaw or pawpaw refers to Asimina triloba.
6 Made in Dakar, Sénégal.
7 Values vary greatly due to the color of the fruit pulp used, the methods, andthe rate of extraction; average value, at present, is not given. Deep-organe oilis reported to have higher value than the pale oil.
8 The total protein value reported was reduced by 1/5 as it is assumed that only 4/5of the nitrogen in yeasts is considered protein nitrogen. The food energy wascalculated before this assumption was made.

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