Mulberry for Animal Production

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Table of Contents


World distribution and utilization of mulberry and its potential for animal feeding

Mulberry cultivation and utilization in China

Mulberry cultivation and utilization in India

Mulberry breeding, cultivation and utilization in Japan

Mulberry germplasm and cultivation in Brazil

Mulberry germplasm resources in Italy

Agronomic studies with mulberry in Cuba

Establishment and management of mulberry for intensive forage production

Factors influencing mulberry leaf yield

The high-trunk mulberry system in tropical climates

The potential of mulberry as feed for ruminants in central Tanzania

The potential of mulberry foliage as a feed supplement in India

The forage potential for some mulberry clones in Brazil

Supplementation of grazing dairy cattle with mulberry in Costa Rica

Nutritional quality of mulberry cultivated for ruminant feeding

Utilization of mulberry as animal fodder in India

Mulberry leaf supplement for sheep fed ammoniated rice straw

Mulberry for rearing dairy heifers

Bromatological composition and degradation rate of mulberry in goats

Potential and effective degradation of mulberry clones in goats

Evolution of research on mulberry as cattle and sheep feed in central Italy

Effects of grazing animals and cutting on the production and intake of a mulberry-subterranean clover association

Measurement of mulberry shrubs grazed by cattle

Management and utilization of mulberry for forage in Japan. 1. Productivity of the mulberry-pasture association system and nutritive value of mulberry

Evaluation and utilization of mulberry for poultry production in Japan

Conservation of mulberry as silage. 1. Effect on nitrogenous compounds

Mulberry production with swine lagoon effluent

Annex 1. Mulberry, an exceptional forage available almost worldwide

Annex 2. Utilization of mulberry in animal production systems

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