CFS: 2001/6


Twenty-seventh Session

Rome, 28 May - 1 June 2001

Proposals for Thematic Issues to Be Considered at CFS/28

1. In line with procedures set out by the Committee at its Twenty-fifth Session, this document puts forward a short list of thematic issues for the Committee's review and decision at its 28th session.
2. The Bureau considered a full range of topics and selected the following three themes for consideration by the Committee:
· The role of aquaculture in improving food security at the community level - a review of sustainable cases.
· The impact of disasters on long-term food security and poverty alleviation - policy implications.
· The impact of access to land on improving food security and alleviating rural poverty - a review of successful cases of land reform in selected countries.

3. Members of the Committee are invited to convey their views on the above list to members of the Bureau. The Bureau will prepare a final recommendation which will be discussed under Agenda Item VI(a) Arrangements for the Twenty-eighth Session.