CL 120/12


Hundred and Twentieth Session

Rome, 18-23 June 2001



1. The Director-General wishes to inform the Council that he received a formal application for membership of the Organization from the Republic of Nauru, on 15 May 2001.

2. This application will be considered by the Conference at its Thirty-first Session in November  2001.

3. Pending a decision by the Conference on this application and pursuant to Rule XXV.11 of the General Rules of the Organization and paragraphs B-1, B-2 and B-5 of the "Statement of Principles relating to the Granting of Observer Status to Nations", the Council is requested to authorize the Director-General to invite the applicant country to participate, in an observer capacity, in appropriate Council meetings as well as regional and technical meetings of the Organization which may be of interest to it.