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Draft Resolution for Adoption by the Conference

Budgetary Appropriations 2002-03


Having considered the Director-General's Programme of Work and Budget:


Approves a total net Appropriation of US$ 688 705 000 for the financial period 2002-03



Appropriations* are voted for the following purposes:




Chapter 1: General Policy and Direction

53 047 000


Chapter 2: Technical and Economic Programmes

306 539 000


Chapter 3: Cooperation and Partnerships

127 307 000


Chapter 4: Technical Cooperation Programme

105 854 000


Chapter 5: Support Services

56 963 000


Chapter 6: Common Services

38 395 000


Chapter 7: Contingencies

600 000


Total Appropriation (Net)

688 705 000


Chapter 8: Transfer to Tax Equalization Fund

96 039 000


Total Appropriation (Gross)

784 744 000



The appropriations (gross) voted in paragraph (a) above, shall be financed by assessments on Member Nations, after deduction of Miscellaneous Income in the amount of US$ 6 695 000, thus resulting in assessments against Member Nations of US$ 778 049 000.



In establishing the actual amounts of contributions to be paid by individual Member Nations, the assessment of each Member Nation shall be reduced by any amount standing to its credit in the Tax Equalization Fund provided that the credit of a Member Nation that levies taxes on the salaries, emoluments and indemnities received from FAO by staff members shall be reduced by the estimated amounts of such taxes to be reimbursed to the staff member by FAO. An estimate of US$ 3 000 000 has been withheld for this purpose.



The contributions due from Member Nations in 2002 and 2003 shall be paid in accordance with the scale adopted by the Conference at its Thirty-first session, which contributions, after the deduction of amounts standing to the credit of Member Nations in the Tax Equalization Fund, result in net amounts payable totalling US$ 685 010 000.

*Calculated at 1 = US$ 0.880 (Lira 2,200 = US$ 1)

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