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ACC Administrative Committee on Coordination

AFPO Recruitment and Staff Development Branch (FAO)

AG Agriculture Department (FAO)

AGLW Water Resources, Development and Management Service (FAO)

AGP Plant Production and Protection Division (FAO)

AGPP Plant Protection Service (FAO)

AGS Agricultural Support Systems Division (FAO)

AGSI Agro-industries and Post-harvest Management Service (FAO)

APO Associate Professional Officer

CAS Country Assistance Strategy

CCA Common Country Assessment

CCP Committee on Commodity Problems

CDF Comprehensive Development Framework

CFC Common Fund for Commodities

CFS Committee on World Food Security

CIS Commonwealth of Independent States

CSO Civil Society Organisation

CSSD Consultative Sub-committee on Surplus Disposal

DL Distance Learning

ECDC Economic Cooperation among Developing Countries

ECOSOC United Nations Economic and Social Council

ES Economic and Social Department (FAO)

ESAF Food Security and Agricultural Projects Analysis Service (FAO)

ESC Commodities and Trade Division (FAO)

ESDG Global Perspectives Studies Unit (FAO)

ESN Food and Nutrition Division (FAO)

EU European Union

FAOR FAO Representative

FFS Farmers'Field School

FIRM Marine Resources Service (FAO)

FONP Forestry Policy and Institutions Branch (FAO)

FP Field Programme

FPMIS Field Programme Management Information System

HIPC Highly Indebted Poor Countries

HIV-AIDS Human Immuno-deficiency Virus/Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome

ICT Information Communication Technologies

IFAD International Fund for Agricultural Development

IFI International Financing Institution

IFPRI International Food Policy Research Institute

IGG Inter-Governmental Commodity Group

IPM Integrated Pest Management

JPO Junior Professional Officer

LEG Legal Office (FAO)

LIFDC Low-income food-decifit country

ME Monitoring and Evaluation

MP Major Programme

MTNs Multilateral Trade Negotiations

MTP Medium-Term Plan

NGO Non-governmental Organization

OECD Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development

PAB Policy Assistance Branch

PC Programme Committee

PER Programme Evaluation Report

PIR Programme Implementation Report

PoA Plan of Action

PROAGRI Agricultural Sector Investment Programme for Mozambique

PRSP Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper

PWB Programme of Work and Budget (FAO)

RLC Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (FAO)

RP Regular Programme (FAO)

SADC Southern African Development Community

SAFR Sub-regional Office for Southern and East Africa (FAO)

SD Sustainable Development Department (FAO)

SDRE Extension, Education and Communication Service (FAO)

SDW Women and Population Division (FAO)

SDWW Women in Development Service (FAO)

SEAGA Socio-Economic and Gender Analysis Programme Field Handbook

SLAC Sub-regional Office for the Caribbean (FAO)

SMM Senior Management Meeting

SOFA “The State of Food and Agriculture” (FAO publication)

SOFI “The State of Food Insecurity” (FAO publication)

SPPD Support for Policy and Programme Development

SPS Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary

SPWB Summary Programme of Work and Budget

TBT Technical Barriers to Trade

TC Technical Cooperation Department (FAO)

TCA Policy Assistance Division (FAO)

TCAS Agricultural Policy Support Service (FAO)

TCDC Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries (FAO)

TCDM Unit for Cooperation with Multilateral and Bilateral Agencies (FAO)

TCI Investment Centre Division (FAO)

TCOM Monitoring and Coordination Service

TCP Technical Cooperation Programme (FAO)

TDG Technical Department Group

TF Trust Fund

TRIPS Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights

UN United Nations

UNCTAD United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

UNDAF UN Development Assistance Framework

UNDP United Nations Development Programme

UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

UNHCR Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

WAICENT World Agriculture Information Centre (FAO)

WFP World Food Programme

WFS World Food Summit

WTO World Trade Organization

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