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The preparation of this book was carried forward by FAO under the overall co-ordination of E. S. Funes (Director, Rural Development Division) and the technical leadership of J. Dixon (Senior Officer, Farming Systems, Farm Management and Production Economics Service, Agricultural Support Systems Division) and A. Gulliver (Senior Economist, Investment Centre Division), with support from D. Gibbon (consultant). This work was conducted to contribute to the preparation of the World Bank Rural Development Strategy, Reaching the Rural Poor, which was prepared under the leadership of Robert L. Thompson. The research benefited from the guidance of D. Forbes Watt (Director, Investment Centre Division), J. Monyo (Director, Agricultural Support Systems Division), A. MacMillan (Principal Adviser, Project Advisory Unit, Investment Centre Division) and D. Baker (Chief, Farm Management and Production Economics Service, Agricultural Support Systems Division) in FAO and of C. Csaki (Senior Advisor/Team Leader-Rural Strategy) and S. Barghouti (Research Advisor) of the Rural Development Department, World Bank.

The authors wish to acknowledge the major contributions made by the persons principally responsible for the six regional analyses, the results of which were originally issued as separate documents, and on which the current regional chapters are based. Africa - A. Carloni (Investment Centre Division); Middle East and North Africa - D. Gibbon; Eastern Europe and Central Asia - S. Tanic (Sub-Regional Office for Central and Eastern Europe) and F. Dauphin (Investment Centre Division); South Asia - J. Weatherhogg (Investment Centre Division), J. Dixon and K. d'Alwis (Consultant); East Asia and the Pacific - D. Ivory (Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific); and Latin America and Caribbean - A. Gulliver, J. de Grandi, C. Spehar, G. Majella (Consultants). Among these, D. Ivory also made important contributions to the global conclusions.

The regional analyses were reviewed by the regional Rural Development Strategy task teams within the World Bank led by S. Ganguly (AFR), M. Bale (EAP), L. Tuck (ECA), M. Cackler (LAC), P. Aklilu (MNA) and R. Ali (SAS). The comments and suggestions received from these teams, and especially the assistance of I. Tsakok (LAC regional team), are gratefully acknowledged. C.Csaki and S. Barghouti provided feedback on the entire study at several points. R. Schurmann (FAO/World Bank Technical Services Coordinator) assisted in liaison as well as providing review comments.

More than twenty supporting case studies were prepared by M. Bazza (FAO Regional Office for the Near East), L. Fe'D'Ostiani (Economic and Social Department); C. Batello, W. Fiebig, F. Hoque, H. Le, N. Nguyen & D. Tran (Agriculture Department); A. Gulliver, Y. Ishihara & T. Bachmann, A. Mascaretti (Technical Co-operation Department); A. Agarwal, R. Brinkman, J de Grandi, B. Dugdill & A. Bennett, E. Kiff & B. Pound, D. Kopeva, A. Martinenko, E. Meng, G. Mitti, R. de Sagun, C. Spehar, C. Tanner, Z. Wang and J. Zethraeus (Consultants).

The Data and GIS Team, responsible for generating the farming systems specific data and developing the GIS-based maps used in the study, was led by C. Auricht (consultant) with the support of P. Aguilar (WAICENT/FAOSTAT Data Management Branch), L. Hein (Investment Centre), M. Zanetti (Land and Water Development Division), G. Agostini, S. Accongiagico, M. Lespine and T. Rosetti.

The content of the book benefited from the contributions of numerous FAO staff (in addition to those mentioned above), including: T. Bachmann, L. Clarke, R. Florin, P. Koohafkan, E. Kueneman, S. Mack, J. Maki-Hokkonen, F. Moukoko-N'Doumbé, F. Nachtergaele, M. Porto, J. Poulisse, S. Reynolds, R. Roberts, A. Rottger, P. Santacoloma, A. Shepherd, J. Slingenberg, P. Steele and N. Urquia (Agriculture Department); G. Boedeker, J. Bruinsma, F. Egal, Y. Lambrou, K. Stamoulis and J. Schmidthuber (Economic and Social Department); M. Halvart (Fisheries Department); M. Gauthier and K. Warner (Forestry Department); L. Collette, J. Dey-Abbas, P. Groppo, A. Herrera, J. Juhasz, J. Latham, P. Munro-Faure and D. Palmer (Sustainable Development Department); C. Bevan, M. Bral, G. Evers, A. Jumabayeva, D. Khan, D. LeLievre, P. Lucani, T. Tecle, B. Veillerette, M. Wales and F. Yriarte (Technical Co-operation Department); D. Kunze (Regional Office for Africa); B. D'Avis, R. Jehle and D. Sedik (Regional Office for Europe); N. Deomampo and R. Singh (Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific); and H. Bamman (Sub-Regional Office for the Pacific).

The exceptional review and editorial efforts of E. Kueneman and A. Macmillan are gratefully acknowledged. Further, R. Brinkman contributed greatly to the clarity of the regional analyses. P. Hollingworth was responsible for graphic design and layout of the publication. Special thanks are due to support staff, including: C. Bianchi, A. Biolley, M. Cullinan, J. Francis, B. Grani-Polidori, B. Hall, S. Lami, S. Peppicelli, and R. Smith.

The comments from reviewers are gratefully acknowledged. The external reviewers were: T. Aldington, S. Barraclough, M. Cox, D. Norman, B. Roitman and Vo-Tong Xuan. The internal reviewers were J. Bruinsma, P. Munro-Faure and S. Keya. Any remaining mistakes are the responsibility of the authors.

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