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Appendix: General Decisions Of The Commission

Statements Of Principle Concerning The Role Of Science In The Codex Decision-Making Process And The Extent To Which Other Factors Are Taken Into Account[20]

1. The food standards, guidelines and other recommendations of Codex Alimentarius shall be based on the principle of sound scientific analysis and evidence, involving a thorough review of all relevant information, in order that the standards assure the quality and safety of the food supply.

2. When elaborating and deciding upon food standards Codex Alimentarius will have regard, where appropriate, to other legitimate factors relevant for the health protection of consumers and for the promotion of fair practices in food trade.

3. In this regard it is noted that food labelling plays an important role in furthering both of these objectives.

4. When the situation arises that members of Codex agree on the necessary level of protection of public health but hold differing views about other considerations, members may abstain from acceptance of the relevant standard without necessarily preventing the decision by Codex.

Criteria for the Consideration of the Other Factors Referred to in the Second Statement of Principle[21]

Statements Of Principle Relating To The Role Of Food Safety Risk Assessment[24]

1. Health and safety aspects of Codex decisions and recommendations should be based on a risk assessment, as appropriate to the circumstances.

2. Food safety risk assessment should be soundly based on science, should incorporate the four steps of the risk assessment process, and should be documented in a transparent manner.

3. There should be a functional separation of risk assessment and risk management, while recognizing that some interactions are essential for a pragmatic approach.

4. Risk assessment should use available quantitative information to the greatest extent possible and risk characterizations should be presented in a readily understandable and useful form.

Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme

[20] Decision of the 21st Session of the Commission, 1995.
[21] Decision of the 24th Session of the Commission, 2001.
[22] Confusion should be avoided between justification of national measures under the SPS and TBT Agreements and their validity at the international level.
[23] According to the WTO principles, and taking into account the particular provisions of the SPS and TBT Agreements.
[24] Decision of the 22nd Session of the Commission, 1997.

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