C 2001/14-Rev.1


Thirty-first Session

Rome, 2-13 November 2001



1. Article 4(a) of the regulations of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension fund provides that "the Fund shall be administered by the United Nations joint Staff Pension Board, a staff pension committee for each member organisation, and a secretariat to the Board and to each such committee". Under Article 6(c) the staff pension committee of each member organisation "shall consist of members and alternate members chosen by the body of the organisation corresponding to the General Assembly, its chief administrative officer, and its participants in service..."

2. The FAO Staff Pension Committee plays an important role in the general effort to harmonise UN pensions and their administration with the requirements of Organisations of the UN common system and of their staff, who may serve and retire in all countries of the world. The characteristics of the International civil Service of the UN system require particular care as well as in-depth treatment of the issues that are brought to the attention of the UN General Assembly. Its responsibilities are:

  1. to review the pension Fund regulations and Administrative rules with respect to possible amendments thereto in order to formulate the position of the Committee's delegation to the United Nations joint Staff Pension Board, which in turn makes recommendations as appropriate, to the United Nations general Assembly;

  2. to interpret and apply the Regulations and Administrative rules of the Pension Fund in cases of contestation by FAO participants of a decision by the Secretary for the FAO Staff Pension Committee concerning participants' entitlements and/or status;

  3. to grant disability benefits in payment (approximately 25-30 cases per year), in accordance with the Regulations and rules of the UN Joint Staff Pension Fund.

3. The Committee meets in Rome as the need arises (normally six to eight times a year for meetings lasting half a day). The Committee appoints three members and three alternates (one member and one alternate from among the members designated by the FAO Conference, the Director-General and FAO Participants respectively) to represent the Organisation in the UN Joint Staff Pension Board, the higher administrative body of the Fund, reporting directly to the UN General Assembly. Regular sessions of the Board are held not less frequently than once every two years. The forthcoming meeting of the Board, in July 2002, is to be held in Rome at the invitation of the FAO. Members of the FAO Staff Pension Committee will be expected to participate actively in the Board sessions during that period..

4. The FAO Staff Pension Committee consists of:

5. The Conference-appointed members and alternates at present are:

Term of Office Members Alternates

1 January 1999 -
31 December 2001
Mr. Jirí Novák,
Permanent Representative of the Czech Republic to FAO
Mr. M. Khalifa,
Deputy Permanent Representative of Egypt to FAO
1 January 2000 -
31 December 2002
Ms. Korntip Ratanakomut,
Deputy Permanent Representative
of Thailand to FAO
Mr. Gaspard Kabura
Premier Conseiller, Embassy of Republic of Burundi to FAO
1 January 2001 -
31 December 2003
H.E. Leonardo Matos Berrido, Permanent Representative of the Dominican Republic to FAO H.E. Souhaib Deen Bangoura, Permanent Representative of Republic of Guinea to FAO

6. In view of the time factor and to avoid undue travel costs in connection with attendance at Staff Pension Committee meetings which are held in Rome, the Conference has usually appointed representatives who are resident in Rome.

7. The Conference is invited to appoint to the Staff Pension Committee the following:

  1. one member to serve from 1 January 2002 to 31 December 2004;

  2. one alternate member to serve from 1 January 2002 to 31 December 2004;

  3. one alternate member to serve from 1 January 2002 to 31 December 2002; *to replace and complete the term of office of Mr. Gaspard Kabura, Premier Conseiller of the Republic of Burundi, whose country's embassy to FAO has been transferred to Paris;

  4. one member to serve from 1 January 2003 to 31 December 2005;

  5. one alternate member to serve from 1 January 2003 to 31 December 2005.