C 2001/INF/19


Thirty-first Session

Rome, 2 - 13 November 2001



1. For the information of delegations, a list of documents in the C 2001/LIM Series which contain extracts from previous council reports is given herewith.



From 119th Council Session   
C 2001/LIM/4 Programme Implementation Report (1998-99) 10
From 120th Council Session   
C 2001/LIM/3 United Nations/FAO World Food Programme 9
C 2001/LIM/7 FAO Audited Accounts 1998-99 (including draft resolution) 14
C 2001/LIM/12 Nomination of Nine Members of the Credentials Committee 2
C 2001/LIM/13 Margarita Lizárraga Medal 22.5
From 121st Council Session   
C 2001/LIM/5 Programme Evaluation Report 2001 11
C 2001/LIM/6 Programme of Work and Budget 2002-2003 12
C 2001/LIM/8-Rev.1 Scale of Contributions 2002-2003 (including draft resolution) 15
C 2001/LIM/14 Liabilities for After Service Medical Coverage (including draft resolution) 17
C 2001/LIM/16 Agreement with the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (including Appendix) 13
C 2001/LIM/17 International Undertaking on Plant Genetic Resources (including Appendix) 7