FAO Plant Production and Protection Series

No. 30


and Production

Edited by

B.C. Curtis
Former International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) scientist

S. Rajaram
Director, Wheat Programme, CIMMYT

H. Gómez Macpherson
Cereals Officer, Crop and Grassland Service, FAO


Table of Contents

Rome, 2002

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ISBN 92-5-104809-6

©FAO 2002


Table of Contents




Wheat in the world
B.C. Curtis

Botany of the wheat plant
E.J.M. Kirby

Wheat growth and physiology
E. Acevedo, P. Silva, H. Silva


Cytogenetics, phylogeny and evolution of cultivated wheats
B.S. Gill, B. Friebe

Wheat genetic resources
B. Skovmand, S. Rajaram, J.M. Ribaut, A.R. Hede

CIMMYT international wheat breeding
S. Rajaram, N.E. Borlaug, M. van Ginkel

Physiological approaches to wheat breeding
M.P. Reynolds

Breeding for disease resistance in wheat
R.P. Singh, S. Rajaram

Hybrid wheat
G. Cisar, D.B. Cooper

The application of biotechnology to wheat improvement
D. Hoisington, N. Bohorova, S. Fennell, M. Khairallah, A. Pellegrineschi, J.M. Ribaut

Transferring alien genes from related species and genera for wheat improvement
A. Mujeeb-Kazi, S. Rajaram

Breeding winter and facultative wheat
H.J. Braun, N.N. Sãulescu


The wheat rusts
R.P. Singh, J. Huerta-Espino, A.P. Roelfs

Smut diseases
G. Fuentes-Dávila, B.J. Goates, P. Thomas, J. Nielsen, B. Ballantyne

Septoria diseases of wheat
L. Gilchrist, H.J. Dubin

Fusarium head blight
L. Gilchrist, H.J. Dubin

Helminthosporium leaf blights: spot blotch and tan spot
E. Duveiller, H.J. Dubin

Powdery mildew
B.M. Cunfer

Diseases of roots and crowns
L.L. Singleton

Bacterial leaf streak and black chaff
E. Duveiller, C. Bragard, H. Maraite

Barley yellow dwarf luteoviruses and other virus diseases
M. Henry, R.T. Plumb

Important nematode pests
J.M. Nicol

Insects in wheat-based systems
R.H. Miller, K.S. Pike


Management of irrigated wheat
K.D. Sayre

Management of dryland wheat
W.K. Anderson, A. Impiglia

Nitrogen management in irrigated spring wheat
J.I. Ortiz-Monasterio R.

Harvest and storage management of wheat
T.S. Payne

Wheat seed production
A.J.G. van Gastel, Zewdie Bishaw, B.R. Gregg


Wheat for bread and other foods
R.J. Peña


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