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Discussion Paper

Esa Puustjärvi and Markku Simula
Indufor Oy with inputs from the Task Group

30 September 2002






Comparative framework and Options for harmonization of definition


List of Tables

Table 1.1 Main Processes Providing Forest-related Definitions
Table 1.2 Terms Included in the Analysis and Their Grouping
Table 1.3 Parameters of Definitions of `Forest'
Table 1.4 Parameters of Various Definitions of `Forest Degradation'
Table 1.5 Parameters of Definitions of Managed Forest and Forest Management
Table 1.6 Parameters of Definitions of Forest Type
Table 1.7 Parameters of Definitions of Forest Plantations

List of Figures

Figure 1.1 Decomposing of Definitions
Figure 1.2 Relationship between Current FRA Land Classes and Proposed New Sub-classes Combining Forestry with Other Land Uses
Figure 1.3 Relationship between Current FRA Land Use Classes and Land Areas Qualifying for `Revegetation' under UNFCCC
Figure 1.4 Relationship of Current FRA Land Classes with the Proposed Sub-classes under `Other Wooded Land' and `Other Land'
Figure 1.5 Elements of Composite Index Comprising Supply of Goods and Benefits and Characteristics of Forest Structure

Figure 1.6 Detection of Changes in and between Forest and Non-forest Land

List of Boxes

Box 1.1 Key Terminology (Countercheck with Oxford Dictionary)
Box 1.2 Definitions of Forests
Box 1.3 Definitions of Forest and Other Land Management
Box 1.4 Definitions of Non-forest Land, Trees Outside Forests, and Change in Vegetation
Box 1.5 Definitions of Changes between Forest and Non-forest46
Box 1.6 Definitions of Forest Degradation
Box 1.7 Definitions of Managed Forests and Forest Management
Box 1.8 Definitions of Biome and Domain
Box 1.9 Definitions of Forest Type
Box 1.10 FAO Global Ecological Zoning
Box 1.11 Definition of Forest Ecosystem
Box 1.12 Definitions of Natural and Plantation Forest

List of Annexes

Annex 1 Exploration of Definitions for Selected Complementary Terms
Annex 2 Definitions of Forest and Related Land Use Classifications and Forest Change Processes
Annex 3 Forest Biodiversity Definitions under the CBD Process
Annex 4 ITTO's Forest-related Definitions
Annex 5 Definitions Relating to Land Use, Land-use Change and Forestry Activities under the Kyoto Protocol

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