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Group Work Organization and Tasks

Workshop objectives:

Working Groups Tasks:

Suggested working group topics:

1. Forest and change processes

Forest, Forest Land, Non-forest Land, Trees Outside Forests, Other Wooded Land.

Afforestation, Reforestation, Deforestation, Natural Expansion, Forest Fragmentation,

Revegetation, Devegetation.

2. Classification of forests

Forest Type, Forest Ecosystem, Biome, Ecological Zone, Domain, Low Forest Cover.

3. Forest management and forest condition

Managed Forest, Unmanaged Forest

Natural Forest, Undisturbed Forest, Primary Forest, Old Growth Forest, Secondary Forest

4. Change processes within forest

Forest-Improvement, Restoration, Rehabilitation, Reforestation27, Natural Regeneration Forest Degradation, Forest Fragmentation

25 Harmonization can include adjustment for improved compatibility, synchronization, establishing comparability  and linkages, listing in order, documentation of differences

26 e. g. adjustments across definitions, where easy to agree upon (like synonymy of 'forested land', 'forest land' and 'forest');

27 Reforestation and Forest Fragmentation fall under two groups and reflect the close interrelationship of all terms- which calls for an interchange between groups.

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