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1. Introduce to a place plant species that are known to have existed there naturally at a previous time.

2. Reestablishing vegetation on a disturbed site.

3. The act of planting reclaimed land with grasses, trees, crops, etc.

4. The establishment of an effective vegetative ground cover by either natural regeneration or sowing with a seed and fertilizer mixture, to prevent soil erosion. It is preferable to use sterile hybrids if using exotic species.

5. The natural or induced replacement of plants into a cleared area.

6. The recurrence of the same plant community that existed prior to clearing.

7. To cover bare mineral soil with plant re-growth. In BMP application, this refers to the expeditious establishment of grasses to minimize soil erosion.

8. To reestablish vegetation in a restoration site by planting and seeding of indigenous species.

9. The re-establishment and development of a plant cover. This may take place naturally through reproductive processes of the existing flora or artificially through the direct action of reforestation or seeding.

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