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Sc/SC=scientific community; P.M.=policy-makers, PC& C=producers and consumers. small farmers; NCRE=National Cereals Research and Extension Project; Graoua Agricultural Research Station Project; CRBP=Regional Research Centre for Bananas and Plantains; NARP=National Agricultural Research Project; ICRAF=International Centre for Research on Agro-forestry; ROTREP=In-vitro Multiplication for Roots and Tubers; HPI=Hiefer Project International; DSCHANG UNIV=Agricultural Education Project for the University of Agriculture of DSCHANG; French AS=French Assistance in Agricultural Research; D>M/IITA=autonomous project with executing agency designated by donor; N.Mg=Project Nationally Executed within Donor Guidelines Jt.Mg=Project jointly managed by recipient institution and donor team leader; Nyankpala=Nyankpala Experiemental Station Project; GGLDP=Ghanaz Grain Legume Development Project; OCP= Onchocerciasis Control Programme; Art.Fish=Training and Applied Research Project for Artisanal Fish Processing; PD=Plantain Development Project; SG2000=Sasakawa Global 2000; GON=Government of the Netherlands; ATIA=Agricultural Institutions Technical Assistance Project; The FIFAMANOR=Norwegian Highlands Agricultural Project; FAFIALA=Experimental and Training Centre; SPARC=Supporting Research and Planning and Research on Commodities Project; DRSPR=Regional Farming System Research Project; CINZANA=Cinzana Agricultural Research Station; PRAi and I I= Agricultural Research Project I & II; SARP=Senegalese Agricultural Research and Planning; SSSSAR II=Senegalese Agricultural Research Project Phase 2; NRBAR=Natural Resources-Based Agricultural Research Project; C.I.P.H.P.T.=Cereals Improvement, Post-Harvest Technology and Training of African Researchers; ITA=Strengthening the Food Technology Institute; CDH=Centre for Horticulture Development

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